Aziz Ansari Says This Is The Best Fast Food Restaurant

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Aziz Ansari's character in Parks & Recreation owns a restaurant, one of his most famous comedy bits is about Cold Stone Creamery, he uses choosing a restaurant in New York City as an analogy for how hard it is to find love in his book Modern Romance, and the second season of his show Master of None looks like it's going to involve a food tour of Italy (which we're definitely excited about). If you've consumed any project Ansari has touched, you know right away that this guy is a foodie. But, you better not call him that.
Aziz Ansari was the most recent celebrity to participate in Vogue's 73 Questions video series. Unsurprisingly, and to our great pleasure, many of the questions revolved around food. In fact, during part of the rapid-fire Q&A session, Aziz even popped into his kitchen to blend up an elaborate smoothie for his interviewer. When asked "What's one thing you don't know that you want to learn," his answer is "How to cook everything." Notice he doesn't just say one dish or even one specific type of cuisine. No, this is a man who wants to know how to cook everything, and we really just love him for that.
Ansari also revealed that he knows how to say, "I'm hungry" in six different language so he can easily get a meal in different countries around the world. Speaking of geography and dining, he said that Tokyo is the most delicious city in the world and dropped in a joke about South Carolina barbecue. It was at this point in the interview that Aziz Anzari revealed which food trend he truly hate. Turns out, he despises the word, "Foodie." He explains, "People that like food shouldn't get this weird fetish-y sounding thing. Call the people that don't care what they eat 'Food Bozoz.'" He makes a good point.
After that, we learned a few more tidbits that prove incontrovertibly that Aziz Ansari is by no means a Food Bozo. He thinks the best fast food restaurant out there is Chick-fil-A, if he were a type of pasta, he would be lasagna; and please, please don't ever make him choose his favorite taco. Watch the full interview to learn even more about Aziz's love affair with food, but remember, do not categorize him as a foodie.

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