We Have So Many Questions For This Man Carrying 30 Gallons Of Cinnabon Frosting Around Toronto

A man has been spotted carrying a 30-gallon tub of Cinnabon frosting around Toronto, Cosmopolitan reports, and we have so many questions. Like: What is he going to do with all that icing? Where is he taking it? And how have his arms not given out from transporting that thing?
The Internet's collective puzzlement began when Twitter user Craig Calhoun tweeted a photo of the man on a bus, where he and his tasty treat appear to be taking up at least two seats. He's staring out into the distance, blissfully unaware of the uproar he's causing. "Guy on this bus is packing a 30-gallon drum of Cinnabon frosting," Calhoun captioned the photo, adding in another tweet, "Today was a fun day."
"I got on the bus and saw that this man was sitting there with that enormous drum, which of course is weird," he told Refinery29. "But when I saw the label, I laughed and had to take a picture. He just sat there casually for the next few stops and then stood up and rolled the drum on its edge and pushed it out the door. Then he was gone."
The container's label only leaves us with more questions. It appears to say: CINNABON FROSTING RTU 60 FOR TACO BELL." That Taco Bell? What is Taco Bell going to do with all that frosting?
That's actually a question we can answer, or at least make an educated guess about. Taco Bell offers a Cinnabon Delights 2 Pack described as "cinnamon spheres filled with icing" and marketed as "dessert for breakfast for dessert." So, perhaps this mysterious man is delivering one of the ingredients Taco Bell requires to make its breakfast/dessert. Why he must deliver it by hand, though, remains a mystery. What we can tell is that this is a man on a mission.
Some have other ideas about what this tub is doing on the bus. Perhaps it's wishful thinking, but at least someone thinks he could be sharing the icing to brighten his fellow passengers' commute.
For others, the photo inspired fantasies of a Cinnabon-themed party.
Even Cinnabon itself has gotten in on the meme-sharing fun.
If anyone reading this encounters Cinnabon Man, we respectfully ask that you find out what the heck he's doing transporting so much frosting.. and whether he'd like any companions in his journey.

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