Mandy Moore's Next Movie Is Like Nothing She's Ever Done Before

Photo: Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock.
If you're already afraid to get in the water, you may want to skip Mandy Moore's new movie, 47 Meters Down. Like Blake Lively in The Shallows before her, Moore is taking on some vicious sharks in this summer flick that will make you question why anyone goes swimming anymore.
In the movie, hitting theaters June 16, Moore's Lisa heads to Mexico with her sister Kate (Claire Holt) for the "best vacation over" — a bad omen if there ever was one in a film featuring sharks — and decides to try cage diving. You know, the fun activity where you willingly get dropped into the water while sharks surround you. This is despite the fact that Lisa's deathly afraid of having just a couple of metal bars separating her from the sharp-toothed great whites. Can you blame her?
No, you can't because, as the 47 Meters Down trailer, makes clear things soon go from 0 to 100 real quick after the sister's cage ends up dropping into the water, you guessed it, 47 meters down, unable to be pulled back up. Soon they're being surrounded by sharks who seem rather hungry. Did I mention that they're not just facing off against sharks but the clock, too? With each passing second, they're losing air from their oxygen tanks.
The film's already been dubbed the "Mandy Moore shark movie," but in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Moore refuted the idea that there isn't more to this film. “A ‘shark movie’ is just not my cup of tea," she said. "What I found most compelling about this film was this race against the clock and two sisters who have to trust each other innately. They have no choice but to be there for another and try to get out of this situation as best they can.”
We hope the "best they can" means they'll have all their limbs a the end of this because from the looks of this clip it's not going to be easy.

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