Starbucks Japan Just Introduced Another Adorable Pudding Cup Flavor

Photo: Craig Warga/Bloomberg/Getty Images.
Of all the incredible items we’ve seen come out of Starbucks, there’s only one that made us feel like we were actually experiencing a cuteness overload. Earlier this month, we discovered that Starbucks Japan was offering matcha pudding in miniature green versions of its coffee cups. Each teeny cup comes adorned with an uplifting message, and as soon as we saw them, we immediately got the urge to drop everything and move to Japan so we could simply hold these precious puddings in our hands every day.
Well, Starbucks Japan must have thought that reaction wasn't quite strong enough because they just introduced yet another adorable menu items that's making us want to move even more. RocketNews24, our source for Japanese food news, reported today that Starbucks added banana and chocolate to its line of pudding flavors.
All day, Japanese Starbucks lovers have been posting photos of their first bites of the new chocolate banana pudding. Just like with the matcha cups, these containers feature a delightful design. This one is light yellow and decorated with abstract brown and yellow bananas. Based on Instagram images, it looks the top of the pudding is banana-flavored, but there's a layer of chocolate at the base.
A reporter for RocketNews24 reviewed the pudding cups, which we're both jealous of and grateful for. According to the reporter, the pudding is firm and immediately gives you a strong banana flavor once you pop the first bite in your mouth. If you ever get a chance to try it yourself, the site suggests mixing the pudding all together before eating it, so that you a taste of the banana pudding and the chocolate sauce in every single bite.
If you're not a pudding person, the little cups' contents might look a little weird, but it's probably still hard not to be tempted by the petite coffee cups, with their whimsical banana pattern.

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