Here's Who The PLL Cast Would Target If They Were A

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For seven seasons, the Liars have been been stalked and tormented by a mysterious villain. But what if the tables were turned and they got to walk a mile in A’s black hoodie and leather gloves?
In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the Pretty Little Liars cast shared who they would target if they got to be A. Spoiler alert — the list is lengthy because Rosewood is full of sketchy folks.
The ridiculously incompetent Rosewood PD ranks high on the list. “They suck,” Sasha Pieterse (Ali) correctly asserted.
Ashley Benson (Hanna) would love to take it out on Lieutenant Tanner, but I. Marlene King pointed out that she’s actually a good cop. “She was a good cop in the sense that she wouldn’t let us get away with certain little things like crimes,” joked Troian Bellisario (Spencer).
Bellisario had more than one good idea and pointed out that Aria’s super sketchy fiancé Ezra deserves some of the A treatment. Aria seems to have forgiven and forgotten the matter of that creepy book he was working on, but Bellisario is here to remind everyone that it was really messed up. (So is his habit of dating underage girls.)
Byron Montgomery and Lucas should also watch their backs if the cast members get their way.
Showrunner I. Marlene King had the most popular suggestion — why not have A take it out on all the men of Rosewood for a change? The entire cast is so here for this idea. “We could go on a beach vacation!” Bellisario said.
After all trials and tribulations the Liars have been through, they’ve certainly earned it.

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