Chipotle Lovers Need To Know About This Potential Credit Card Breach

Photo: Courtesy of Chipotle.
Remember last week when we all found out Chipotle is raising prices in 20% of its locations? Well, the chain recently made yet another money-related announcement, and this one is probably even more worrisome than having to pay a few extra bucks for our burritos. Eater just drew our attention to a post the company put on its website yesterday about a potential security breach.
Chipotle wrote in its post that the company had detected unauthorized activity on its payment processing network. After catching the breach, it immediately began investigating with help from the payment processor, law enforcement, and cyber security firms. According to the post, Chipotle believes that these actions have stopped the unauthorized activity, and it has even added more security. However, customers still need to be aware of the issue and pay attention to their payment card statements.
Not all Chipotle patrons need to freak out about the breach, though. The investigation focused on card transactions that took place at any of the restaurant locations between March 24, 2017 and April 18, 2017. If you ate at Chipotle in the last month and paid with a card, check your debit or credit card statements carefully. If any unauthorized purchases show up on your statements, be sure to contact your bank ASAP. You most likely won't be responsible for this unauthorized purchases. Still, stay vigilant, burrito lovers.

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