These People Made a Pizza-Stuffed Burger With 2 Pizzas For The Bun — Yes, Really

Rarely — if ever — have we looked at a pizza and thought, this is great, but it really needs something else to make it amazing. Our minds and tastebuds have a hard time looking beyond the melted cheese, perfectly spiced sauce, and soft yet crispy crust to imagine that there could be anything better out there. Lucky for us, there are people who aren't blinded by the delicious taste of pizza, and those are the people we have to thank for real food innovation. Take, for example, Julia and JP from the YouTube channel, HellthyJunkFood. They just showed us how to make a pizza stuffed inside of a burger that had two pizzas as its buns. Can you picture it? In the past, these YouTubers have made a pizza inside of a pizza and a burger inside of a pizza, so it only seemed natural that their next pizza creation was a pizza inside of a burger inside of a pizza. Yep, totally natural.
The video starts out at the grocery store, and there, the creative couple picks up ground beef, a frozen personal pizza, and four regular frozen pizzas. They only really need two regular-sized pizzas, but it's always good to be prepared when you're cooking something that no one has ever even thought to cook before.
When the pizza inside a burger inside a pizza-making finally commences, they start by cooking the frozen pizzas in the oven. It's a pretty simple first step, but just you wait. Once the pizzas are baked, they begin to form the burger patty around the personal pizza, and then they throw that monstrosity in a pan. Flipping the ginormous pizza-filled patty proves difficult, but JP figures it out.
Once the burger's off the stove, it's placed on top of one of the cooked full-size pizzas and topped with shredded mozzarella and pepperoni. Finally, the other pizza is placed on top, and the mission is complete. We can't thank this YouTubing couple enough for opening our eyes to the possibility of taking pizza to a whole new level.

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