Julia Louis-Dreyfus Got An Intense Bruise Thanks To Last Night's Episode Of Veep

Veep is back and better than ever, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus has the bruise to prove it. The second episode of season 6 aired Sunday night and, along with its usual scathing comedic wordplay, featured a bit of stunt work from the former commander-in-chief herself. The episode begins with ex-President Selina Meyer sitting in the fake oval office at the Stuart Hughes Presidential Library and Museum. When Meyer and assistant Gary realize someone's coming, they quickly try to make their way over the barrier — which involved an elaborate flip and spin over the railing.
The stunt itself was classic Veep, with Gary swooping in to help his beloved Selina from making another bad decision. He couldn't, however, stop the bruising. Star Julia Louis-Dreyfus took to Twitter after the episode aired to share a picture of the injury she sustained from the stunt, and it's a doozy.
"This is the result of tonite's episode's #flipturn," she wrote. "Totally worth it."
Fans were quick to praise Louis-Dreyfus for her dedication to the stunt, as well as express their surprise that such a simple maneuver could cause her such a serious bruise.
"And who says no-one suffers for art anymore?" commented one user.
"Ouchie!!" exclaimed another. "If it helps, I replayed it 4 times. Physical comedy gold!! Lol'ing just thinking about it."
Other users were quick to jokingly admonish Tony Hale, who plays Gary, for letting the ex-Veep sustain such an injury.
"Shame on you for not being more careful with the EPOTUS," a fan wrote.
For the most part, however, people are just happy that the series has returned. Season 6 kicks off in a completely different way: Selina Meyer is no longer president — in fact, she's not even in the White House. For the first time, we're following the matriarch as a regular citizen. Yet, somehow, she still finds a way to get into her regular antics, bruises and all.

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