This Genius Guy Proposed With A Movie Trailer

A lot of people wish for perfect Hollywood endings, but Adrianna Neil got a Hollywood beginning when her boyfriend proposed to her via a movie trailer.
The Huffington Post reports that Neil and her now-fiancé, Ryan Langston, went to see Beauty & The Beast for her 26th birthday, but she didn't expect that one of the previews was just for her.
"We both love movies or anything that brings an emotional experience, and I wanted to propose in a way that would be memorable," Langston told The Huffington Post. "I knew that I wanted it to be something really special for her."
Thanks to his skills as a graphic animator for Cinetopia in Vancouver, WA, Langston pulled the whole thing off without a hitch. He does owe a lot to the staff, however, who had to play the movie trailer-cum-proposal between screenings earlier in the week to make sure that it was perfect for the big reveal.
The trailer, which looks something straight out of a rom-com, complete with a sage voiceover and a soundtrack courtesy of OneRepublic, included clips from Langston and Neil's dates and had appearances from close friends and family. The narrator describes trips they've shared and what they both want for their lives together, all with sweeping views of Italy, Scotland, and their hometown.
When she realizes that the film is about her, Neil can't hold in her emotions. She clutches at Langston as the short film concludes, but she does let go, because after the music fades, he gets down on one knee to pop the question. She accepts, of course, and the whole theater applauds — it's a moment straight out of a movie.
You can check out the whole trailer, the proposal, and see Neil's reaction in the video, blow.

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