Twitter Has A Lot Of Feelings About This $400 WiFi-Enabled Juicer

Photo: Courtesy of Juicero.
Yesterday, Bloomberg published a piece about Juicero, which it explains was one of last year's most highly funded gadget startups in Silicon Valley. Chances are, you've heard about the device, which some have called the Keurig of juicing, because it's been in the news quite a bit over the past several month. Juice bars using the $400 smart juicers have been set up in Southern California locations of Whole Foods, and Oprah even recently bought one for every cast and crew member of Wrinkle In Time as a wrap gift. Just this past weekend, Katy Perry posted a video of herself cooling off with a carrot juice from the Juicero pop-up juicing station at Coachella. Unfortunately, one of the main points discussed in the recent Bloomberg piece about Juicero is that the juice inside the packs that go into this $400 machine can actually be squeezed out by hand, which some might say renders the expensive device obsolete. Bloomberg even went so far as to make a video demonstrating the methods. Take a look:
It should come as no surprise that when Twitter saw the video comparing making juice using the $400 Juicero with simply squeezing it out of the bag by hand, a lot of users had plenty to say. In typical Twitter form, people posted some seriously hilarious reactions. Here are a few of our favorites.
The last one, though we know it was meant to be a joke, might not be the worst idea for the company. In fact, in the article Bloomberg even quoted a Los Angeles food business owner who thought wants to see Juicero make the juice packs available to people who can't afford the hardware. For now though, sales of the $5 to $8 juice bags are limited to owners of the $400 Juicero machine.

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