This 13 Reasons Why Star Received A Cryptic Message On His Car

Photo: Beth Dubber/Netflix
There's no question that 13 Reasons Why has a major fan base — it's reportedly Netflix's most popular series on social media ever. Tweets are one thing, but what happens when one of the cast members receives a message about the series — in real life? That's what happened to Dylan Minnette, who stars as Clay Jensen on the teen drama. His new Instagram reveals that apparently the new Fan Thing is to leave a 13 Reasons Why comment on Minnette's own car. Yep, that's just a little creepy.
Perhaps you, too, have been guilty of letting dirt build up on your car for a little too long sometimes. If you happen to live in dusty Los Angeles, you know that there's no amount of car-wash trips that will actually keep your vehicle clean for longer than a few days. Minnette, a Los Angeles resident, likely gave up on frequent washes (because why bother in this city?) but didn't realize that his dirty car would become a notepad for a fan.
While returning to his vehicle — seemingly after pumping gas, according to the reflection seen in his Instagram picture — the actor noticed that someone had written a message for him across the window. This person was clearly a 13 Reasons Why viewer, because the message was about none other than Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford).
"Sorry for HANNAH," the message reads.
On Instagram, Minnette wrote:
"I don't know if I should be flattered or scared about this being written on my car? Either way, I'm taking it as a reminder that I need to get my car washed."
Minnette's lucky that this fan decided to etch their message in dirt. As many will remember, Clay himself resorted to writing a message on someone's car. But Clay's wasn't so easy to remove: He keyed the words "Why Me?!?" on Zach's (Ross Butler's) pricy ride — something that Zach was way more chill about than expected.
Despite the legitimate controversy surrounding 13 Reasons Why, it's clear that plenty of people are watching (and loving) the show. It's also clear that at least one of those fans is willing to run their fingers through dirt if it means communicating with the real-life Clay.

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