PLL's Ian Harding Thinks The Show May Have Brought On The Trump Presidency

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Cosmopolitan's Pretty Little Liars oral history is the gift that keeps on giving.
Last night, we brought you Ian Harding's musings on Ezria. The actor behind everyone's least-favorite English teacher was candid about the fact that, yes, Ezra and Aria's relationship amounted to statutory rape. But that's not the only nugget Harding shared during the Cosmopolitan interview.
The actor also suggested that the show could, indirectly, have had a role in the 2016 presidential election.
"I wonder if we secretly paved the way for the Trump administration. Because it's just about what you want to believe at all times and ignoring the obvious truths, and people just go with you for seven years on that," Harding told Cosmopolitan. "There are so many times of, like, Go to the police! Don't make this more difficult than it needs to be! It's all about misinformation and a complete lack of logic. We just saturated the United States with it. I think we're secretly to blame for the current president."
To be fair, there's a pretty big difference between teens lying to the police and a White House counselor promoting "alternative facts." Although, I can kind of see where Harding's coming from — the show's continuity errors over the years could be seen as alternative facts of their own. But it's hard to believe a teen drama's "lack of logic" impacted a presidential election.
The cast and crew weren't afraid to poke fun at some of the show's most ridiculous elements, though. "We live in Pennsylvania, but there's never been snow, except for the Christmas episode," Troian Bellisario, who plays Spencer, told Cosmopolitan. Continuity errors were so ripe, in fact, that production designer Jakub Durkoth instituted a PLL version of the New Girl douchebag jar, where anyone who asked a "logic question" had to donate a dollar. That's one way to do it.

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