Apparently There's A Very Specific Way To Eat Pringles & We Never Knew

We've been munching on Pringles ever since our parents packed them in our lunch boxes. And, even now that we're grown adults — kind of — we still tend to eat them the exact same way we always did. We take two Pringles, position them to look like a duck bill, and place them in our mouths. Don't act like you don't do the same. It's just too tempting not to. After some giggles — even though we've done this hundreds of times over the course of our lives — we open our mouths wide and let the duck bill slide on in. Of course, after pretending to quack a few times in a single sitting, we lose patience and eventually just start popping the Pringles straight in our mouths until the tube is empty. It's the way we've always eaten them, but it turns out that's not the way Pringles were meant to be enjoyed. Go figure.
A Pringles spokesperson recently told The Sun that there's a specific way to eat Pringles that will provide us with maximum flavor. Apparently, each Pringle only gets seasoned on one side. When they're stacked on top of one another in the tube, some of the seasoning from one chip rubs onto the other. Even though the seasoning from a chip gets distributed to the one above it, the top of each Pringle still has more flavor than the bottom.
So, how do we get as much tasty goodness on our tongues as possible? After removing each Pringle from the can, we should turn it upside down and place it on our tongues. For plenty of sour cream and onion or BBQ flavor, don't even bother with duck lips.

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Actually, if we're honest with ourselves, this new information probably won't make us change our Pringles duck bill habit. What can we say, old habits die hard. Maybe instead, we'll just do the duck lips trick a few times then switch off to the new top down tongue trick. That would be a surefire sign we're growing up, but we can't make any promises.

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