Google Maps Caught 13 Reasons Why In The Act

Photo: Beth Dubber/Netflix.
After binge-watching 13 Reasons Why, or anything else truly compelling, it's perfectly natural to find yourself hungering for something, anything else that can feed the empty hole it's left in your heart. In the absence of deleted scenes or hints about the existence of a season 2, how about a very strange maybe sort-of behind-the-scenes glimpse of the 13 Reasons Why being filmed?
Popsugar U.K. found something like that while researching a story on the locations used for the Netflix series. When writer Maggie Pehanick Googled the address of Clay's house, the Google Maps street view image shows a person that looks very much like 13 Reasons Why star Dylan Minnette. His face is blurred out, per Google Maps protocol, but he's in a hoodie and jeans that look very much like his character's. The site says this image was captured in June 2016.
Photo: Google Maps.
Further exploration of this street in San Rafael, California, reveals what looks a lot like a film crew. There are folding chairs set up on the next driveway, a lot of equipment set up to the side of the house, and a truck from Iron Horse Studio Rentals with a sticker that says, "Operated by Paramount Pictures." (Yes, Paramount Television is one of the production companies behind 13 Reasons Why.)
Photo: Google Maps.
The only thing detracting from the evidence that this is Minnette himself, Pehanick wrote, is the fact that he has earbuds dangling over his shoulder instead of Clay's signature over-the-ear headphones. Still, the way he's flashing peace signs with his hands there has us tickled — haven't you, too, been tempted to do something goofy when you catch a Google Maps van passing by?
Even if you can't see Minnette's (or not Minnette's) face, clicking through these street-view images is somewhat satisfying on another level. You could stop and stare in a way that would be totally uncool if you were strolling down the sidewalk past a shoot. Hey, Google, would you mind doing this more often?

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