This Taco Pizza Is The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Taco Tuesday

Photo: Courtesy of Tony Boloney's.
When we think "Taco Tuesday," we think of the best day of the week in our elementary school cafeterias. Back in the day, Tuesday was all about lunch trays piled high with hard shell tortillas, ground beef, shredded cheese, and sour cream. It was a happy and very simple time, but a restaurant in Hoboken, NJ wants us to forget all about that. Tony Boloney's is making Taco Tuesdays way more complex and with a new dish that's only available on Tuesdays. It's called the Taco Taco Taco Pizza.
We were pretty confused when we heard that a pizza restaurant had set out to change Taco Tuesdays forever. But then we saw the dish in question, and everything made sense. According to Thrillist, the Taco Taco Taco Pizza starts with pizza crust, which gets layers of queso Oaxaca, carne asada, chipotle asada, and more cheese. When that's cooked, a variety of different tacos are arranged around the outer edge of the pizza. Finally, in the middle, a heaping serving of guacamole and sour cream is scooped on.

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An entire Taco Taco Taco Pizza costs about $80, and you can only get it if you call ahead. Oh, it also weighs 30 pounds. Tony Boloney's owner, Mike Hauke, told Thrillist the best way to tackle a whole pizza is to "take the tacos off, dip it in the guac, move them around in the carne asada, eat the tacos, and then smear all the guac and sour cream — all that good stuff — over the pie, and eat the slice." To be honest, at first we were a little skeptical of this over-the-top mashup. As you may know, we can be a little skeptical when it comes to people putting wacky stuff on our pizzas because it's already such a perfect dish. But, we're willing to make an exception if the unusual addition is another fave food, tacos. Plus, hearing Hauke's description of how to tackle this monstrosity made it sound too good not to at least try.
Of course, if you're not up to eating an entire $80 pie, you can order Taco Taco Taco Pizza by the slice for $10 each. We know that Taco Tuesday is often a money-saving, home-cooked meal, but as we said before, this ain't the Taco Tuesdays of your childhood.

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