Watch This 105-Year-Old Man Meet His 5-Day Old Great-Grandson

In an emotional video recently posted to the Love What Matter's Facebook page, 5-day-old baby Easton meets his "Pop," a 105-year-old man who is at first a little hesitant to hold his new great-grandson.
"I can't hold him," Pop told the baby's mother after she asked if he'd like to.
"Why can't you hold him?" she asked.
"I don't want to drop him," Pop said.
After reassuring him that he posed no risk to baby Easton, the mom propped her son into Pop's outstretched arms. And what followed had us in literal tears. Pop pulled little Easton in close to his chest, cuddling the baby with the biggest smile.
Amid questions about what he thinks of Easton and proclamations of "he loves you, Pop," the great-grandfather simply made cooing noises and hugged the baby tighter.
Even the family's dog, who has apparently been bonded to the baby's side since they brought him home, got in on the cuddling action coming up to sniff the Easton's head.
It's a special moment captured for this family and their newborn baby, who only cried once his mother took him out of Pop's arms — a moment not all families get to experience.
There's a photo in my family album of my great-grandfather with my grandfather, my dad, and my brother when he was just a few days old. It's a special picture for my dad, who always mentions how incredibly rare it is to capture a 4-generation photo like that.
He's not uncommonly sentimental for loving that photo, just like the more than 95,000 people who have shared Easton's video with his Pop aren't overly emotional.
There's something special about someone nearly at the end of their life (my great grandfather died within the year that picture was taken), meeting a brand new family member just beginning theirs. It's incredible, and rare, and so amazing to witness.

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