We Can't Unsee This Disney Princess Built Out Of 1,500 Peeps

One of the most important traits of a Disney princess is that she has to love animals. Seriously think about it. In every Disney princess movie, the main character has at least one animal sidekick who she sings to, plays with, or relies on for moral support and guidance. Cinderella even had a bunch of birds dress her. But, at least she wasn't taking it so far as to wear dress made out of birds like this wacky version of Belle from Beauty and the Beast. You probably have no idea what we're talking about, so allow us to explain.
Every spring, Carroll County in Maryland puts on a contest called PEEPshow — so clever — where citizens compete to build the most impressive sculptures made from Marshmallow Peeps. Delish reports that this year, a contestant named Candace Birger entered a impressive rendering of Princess Belle made from 1,500 Peeps. According the Carroll Country Arts Council website, Birger is a local baker at Westminster Cake Studio, so she knows what she's doing, and it showed. Take a look at the piece she calls, "Beauty and the Peeps."
Photo: Courtesy of Carroll County Arts Council.
This beauty made of marshmallow beasts isn't the only creation that's wowing at the tenth annual PEEPshow. In first place right now, there's "Surfing Pikachu," followed closely by "So That We May Live In Peeps," which is a surprisingly poignant ode to our troops. There are also some more controversial entries, like one entitled, "Our Presidents."
You can see all the entries by visiting Carroll Country Arts Council's website, and you can even vote with a $1 donation to the nonprofit. Unfortunately, the website doesn't include any explainers about how exactly each structure was created or the inspiration behind them. That means we don't actually know if Candace Birger was influenced by the fact that Disney Princesses are obsessed with animals and make birds do their chores for them or if she was just jumping on the popularly of the new live action Beauty and the Beast. Either way, we're impressed.

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