There's A Conspiracy Theory Connecting 13 Reasons Why & Grey's Anatomy

Photo: Beth Dubber/Netflix.
There's nothing more fun than connecting two television universes with each other — especially when we don't notice that there is more than one thread connecting two standout shows. This time, we're connecting Grey's Anatomy and 13 Reasons Why, but it's not in the way you would immediately expect. Since before the series even debuted on Netflix, we knew that Kate Walsh, also known as Addison Montgomery on Grey's Anatomy, would be playing the role of Hannah Baker's (Katherine Langford) mother. But, did you know that the 20-year-old actor Dylan Minnette, who plays the show's protagonist Clay Jensen, also appeared in an episode of Grey's Anatomy back in the day? No? Me neither, but he did.
In the 2007 episode, Minnette plays a young boy named Ryan who undergoes a successful ear surgery at the hospital. Dr. Mark Sloan (Eric Dane), also known as McSteamy, builds the boy a set of ears thus providing him with the gift of hearing. Fast forward ten years later and those ears come in handy as his 13 Reasons Why character's entire plot line is based upon listening to a box of thirteen tapes left by Hannah Baker. Walsh as Dr. Montgomery wasn't in the episode herself, but the fact that her former boo, McSteamy, gave our future Clay the ability to hear Hannah's thirteen tapes is pretty wild.
"Meredith Grey helped Clay Jensen get ears so he could listen to tapes left by Addison Montgomery's daughter," wrote @nonemotional on Twitter.
Another shared a different set of photos from each of Minnette's memorable roles, adding "Good thing Mark Sloan gave this kid ears so he could listen to Hannah's tapes @dylanminnette."
You'll never look at the character the same ever again.

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