Watch Kim Cattrall Pay Her Respects To THAT SATC Naked Scene

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As the wildest member of the Sex and the City bunch, Samantha Jones had many hilarious moments, bold lines, and interesting sexual partners. So, when we think back to the iconic show, it’s hard to pick out our favorite Sam scene. It could be her ripping off her wig in the middle of her breast cancer awareness speech or almost any of the many times she was super candid over breakfast with the girls about her most recent sexual encounter. It’s hard to decide which moment is the best, but we’re certainly sure about this one being near the top: Samantha Jones laid out on her dinning room table, naked and covered in sushi. What can we say? It’s hard not to love a scene that has food as a major plot point.
This famous clip took place in the first Sex and the City movie when Sam is living in Los Angeles with her boyfriend, Smith Jerrod. Trying to spice things up for Valentine’s Day — something the perpetually unattached character has rarely ever had to do — she makes her own hand rolls and sashimi and covers her bare body with them. A stunt like that is really something only Samantha Jones would try, and that might be why we love it so much. Kim Cattrall, the actress who portrayed Samantha for all those year on SATC, recently paid homage to that emblematic moment by rolling up some sushi IRL.
In a video produced for Architectural Digest, Cattrall demonstrates how to make a shrimp sushi roll, and it turned out only marginally better that unforgettable SATC scene. Kim seems a little unsure about the process — she wasn’t totally clear on how to pronounce nori — but she’s an actress, so she does an impressive job pretending she knows what she’s doing. She even makes a little Samantha-like comment about knowing where you’re hands have been before touching all the ingredients, which makes us extra nostalgic for the show.
After laying out the shrimps, cucumber, and avocado slices, the actress begins to roll her ingredients. It appears that Cattrall rolls the bamboo mat in with the edible ingredients, which makes it all the more entertaining to watch. The clip cuts to her taking a bite straight from the messy roll and with a mouth full of food she declares it a job well done. We’re not sure we’ll be following her instructions next time we want to make a hand roll at home, but it’s always nice to revisit our favorite characters, especially when they’re throwing things back to their most memorable food moments.

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