We Had No Idea This In-N-Out Secret Menu Item Existed

Photo: Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg/Getty Images.
Any In-N-Out fan can picture exactly what we're talking about when we say,"animal style" or "3x3 Burger." Even those of us that haven't spent much time on the West Coast recognize the terms as items from the fast food chain's not-s0-secret menu. However, thanks to FoodBeast, we found out about a menu item that even the most hardcore In-N-Out customers may not have ever heard of. It's called the Tomato Wrap. We knew about ordering a burger "protein style," which is when lettuce stands in for buns, but the tomato version was news to us.
The existence of the Tomato Wrap was exposed to the world by a couple of YouTubers who run a channel called RoommateThings. In the duo's most recent video, they headed to In-N-Out to give a lesser-known menu item a try for the first time and share their reactions. One of the friends filmed while the other downed a regular Double-Double, with its slightly toasted sponge dough bun. As explained it, he ate the first burger so he could make a better comparison. Then, he prepared to take on the tomato wrapped burger. Everything looks the same — there's two patties, cheese, even that famous spread — except obviously the bread isn't there. Even as people who basically worship at the feet of all bread, we actually think this burger with the bright red, vegetable bun looks pretty good. The hosts of the video, however, weren't feeling it.
The YouTube taste tester commented on how wet and messy the meal is, but we don't mind getting out hands dirty when it comes to eating a good meal. After taking a few bites, the guy remarked that the tomato taste overpowers everything else, which we think is a more valid critique. Still, we're not totally convinced ordering a burger with a Tomato Wrap is an all-around bad idea. Although, the idea of missing out on those buns every time we eat In-N-Out doesn't sound like fun, so we don't think we'd transition to team Tomato Wrap completely. Based on Instagram searches of hashtags like #tomatowrap and #innoutsecretmenu, it seems like most people agree they'd rather get "protein style" or go the regular bun route. Either that or most people really just don't know about this secret option.

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