This Silly Oversight On Girls Is Driving Me Insane

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Okay, so Hannah's really doing this. She's pregnant! She's moving! She' in some kind of alternate universe? Not just because she was tapped to become a "professor of the internet" after writing a couple blog posts, but also because she seems to exist in a world where time and seasons don't matter. How else can we explain the fact that her baby was conceived and will presumably also be birthed in the middle of summer?
Let's take a trip down memory lane. Hannah goes on assignment to the surf camp in the summer. We know this because it's in the Hamptons and everyone is in bathing suits. This is when Hannah sleeps with Paul Louis and unknowingly becomes pregnant.
For the first few episodes of her pregnancy, time moves pretty slowly. When Joshua tells Hannah she's pregnant in episode 4, she's early enough along that he offers to get her set up with an abortion. Later, in episode 6, Hannah tells Marnie that it's "way too early" for her to know if the baby is a boy or a girl.
By episode 7, it's full speed ahead. She tells Dill Harcourt that she's "like, three months" along. In episode 9, her belly is huge. Like, people-offering-to-help-her-walk huge. Meanwhile, it's still summer. And when she moves into her new house upstate, guess what? Summer!
The explanation behind this is obviously that the series films in the summer, but it seems like a pretty big oversight that something with such a universally known nine-month timespan would happen on a female-driven show without the creators so much as faking some changing leaves.
I'm more than willing to take some creative leaps of faith — how else would I have made it this far? — but even with the most generous estimate, Hannah should be giving birth around January or February, aka the dead of winter. If her belly is to be believed, there should already be a chill in the air. Or at least some fall booties. Who's with me? Does anyone care? Hello???

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