Homeland Killed Off A Major Character & Fans Are Heartbroken (Spoiler)

Spoiler Warning: This article contains major spoilers from last night's season 6 finale of Homeland. Read at your own risk.
Well, Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) isn't the only one waking up this morning with a wobbly chin and red eyes. After last night's nerve-wracking finale, we're all feeling tearful.
Once again, Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend) just couldn't catch a break. Having miraculously survived a Sarin gas attack at the hands of terrorists in Berlin last season — not to mention being repeatedly shot while underwater and walking away from an explosion that killed several law enforcement officials in recent episodes — the former operative was shot to death while driving Carrie and President-Elect Elizabeth Keane (Elizabeth Marvel) to safety during an assassination attempt.
Quinn's death wasn't completely out of left field, given the "Toxic Soldier" headlines Dar (F. Murray Abraham) and Max (Maury Sterling) discovered in last week's penultimate episode; it seemed obvious that the alt-right was trying to set him up as an assassin who needed to be taken out. Still, Carrie cried a lot... but so did we.
Fans (or maybe they're bots that don't exist?!) took to Twitter to express their dismay over the loss of Quinn, who had battled PTSD as well as brain damage following his gas attack. Friend, who has played the role since season 2 and earned an Emmy nomination in 2013, posted this signoff to his supporters.
"Goodnight, and good luck," the British actor tweeted.
Others had more emotional reactions.
"Just watched @rupertfriend's character on #homeland die...can't show up to work tomorrow," tweeted a Homeland viewer. "He never caught a break."
"To kill off a beloved character with no vicarious redemption for the audience is not 'realism,'" another fan lashed out. "It's a lack of imagination."
"I am fucking heartbroken," chimed in another.
"RIP Peter Quinn for the 5th and final time," cracked another fan.
These pretty much sum it up.
Will Friend get the Emmy nod people are demanding? Will Quinn somehow come back to life again? We wish we knew.

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