Your Favorite Emoji Is Getting An Extreme Makeover

Image courtesy of Synergy Pharmaceuticals.
While the peach or the eggplant might give it some competition, we're willing to bet that smiling poop emoji holds a special place in your heart.
But not all if any poops actually look like that perfect fro-yo-like spiral, which is partly why Synergy Pharmaceuticals just released a complete poop emoji keyboard to help us chat about our bowel movements.
Synergy is calling the new emoji the "Poop Troop," and the lineup includes characters like "Clogged Chris," "Diarrhea Dave," "Left-Out Lumpy," "Mr. Smooth," and "Ploptimistic Peter."
There are 14 emoji on the keyboard, which you can download for free from both the iTunes Store and the Google Play app store.
Perhaps the best part about these new emoji, at least for any health nerds out there, is that each character represents a different type of poop as classified by the Bristol Stool Chart.
Runny Ron would be a type 6 or 7 (which may indicate intestinal inflammation), while Mr. Smooth is definitely a solid type 4 (which means everything is normal).
Like the stool chart, these emoji are meant to help people understand and talk about their poop, which — while it's not a foolproof way to diagnose an issue — can be a good indicator of how you're doing health-wise. The keyboard is part of Synergy's Confront Constipation campaign to raise awareness for and help people talk about chronic idiopathic constipation (CIC).
CIC affects about 33 million Americans, according to a statement Synergy shared with Refinery29, and is essentially what it sounds like: constipation that keeps coming back.
The company hopes characters like Plugged-Up Paulie can be a lighthearted way for people with CIC to let their friends and family know how they're feeling. And of course, it's all part of their efforts to promote a constipation medication called Trulance.
Of course, you don't have to have CIC — or have any interest in the drug this campaign is promoting — to use the emoji, and we can see plenty of reasons to send a Waterworks Wally to your BFF. Mostly because it's funny and cute, but also if you happen to want to let her know that you have diarrhea.
For what it's worth, I've already downloaded the keyboard and I see plenty of poop texts in my best friend's future. (Fair warning, pal.)

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