Starbucks Japan Just Announced A Kooky New Frappuccino Flavor & We're Jealous

Not to cause a potential food fight or anything, but we're just going to come out and say it: Japan seems to have the cutest, coolest, most fun food of any country in the world. The nation has even managed to take a beverage America is known for and give it some creative improvements that have us seriously jealous. Thanks to Twitter, we just found out that the newest Frapp from Starbucks Japan is actually called the "American Cherry Pie Frappuccino," but it's kookier and possibly more amazing than anything we've ever seen stateside.
According to RBBToday, this first new Japan-exclusive Frappuccino of the summer season is made with a vanilla base, cherry compote, and diced pieces of pie. What goes into the actual beverage isn't what makes this Frappuccino so wild, though. The drink is, of course, finished with a swirl of whipped cream, but instead of the plastic domed top you'd usually find on a Starbucks Frappe, this one come with an edible dome made of crispy pie crust. We weren't kidding when we said Starbucks Japan got creative with this one. RBBToday explained that the brand new menu item offers a taste experience similar to eating authentic American cherry pie with a fork.
Starbucks Japan is releasing the new drink nationwide on April 13, so expect to see photos flooding into Instagram very soon. You know we're going to be browsing the #americancherrypiefrappuccino hashtag with envy once the beverage hits stores. Between this new creation and Matcha pudding cups, we think it might be time for a little trip abroad (or more realistically, time to start a campaign to get these menu offerings stateside.)

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