There's Yet Another Weird Easter Candy Pizza Mashup — But This One Actually Looks Tasty

Photo: Courtesy of Deliveroo.
Yesterday, my day was disturbed by a photo going around on Twitter of Peeps stuck on a cheese pizza. The addition of brightly colored, sugar-coated, bird-shaped marshmallows to a pizza is, in my opinion, unforgivable and possibly the most serious pizza offense that has ever occurred. Just one day later, Mashable uncovered yet another pizza featuring a different classic Easter candy, and to my extreme surprise, this one actually looks good.
Pizza purists, please hear me out. I too hold up this dish as undeserving of any monkey business for the sake of social media attention. But, the creme egg pizza made at Crust Bros in London does not disrespect the good name of pizza. The limited edition pie is called the Fior-egg-tina, and it was just launched on Deliveroo, according to Mashable. Unlike the with the Peep-za, a lot of thought seems to have gone into the creation of the Fior-egg-tina. The makers at Crust Bros didn't simply plop an creme egg on a cheese pizza and bake it. Instead, it's a classic Fiorentina completely redesigned with sweetness in mind.
Fiorentina pizzas are usually made with spinach, mozzarella, tomato, and egg. The Crust Bros substitute those key ingredients with ones that are somewhat similar except they're sweet. The creators swap out tomato sauce for a macerated strawberry spread. Mascarpone, a cheese commonly used in Italian desserts replaces the mozzarella, and sprigs of mint take the place of the spinach leaves. Finally, the pièce de résistance, the creme eggs sit lightly melted on the pizza's surface. Now, can you honestly tell me that doesn't sound amazing? I think this is the first weird pie we've seen making the round on the internet that doesn't have even the most close minded pizza-lovers turning up their noses.

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