We Totally Dig This New Garden-Inspired Cake Trend

Photographed by Winnie Au.
We’re love a nice succulent because they’re tiny, cute, and add a pop of nature to any cramped windowsill. Plus, most importantly, they’re extremely resilient. Even those of us who definitely do NOT have a green thumb can keep these little potted wonders alive — usually. We’re so grateful to these water-storing plants for their ability to survive long stretches of our neglect, and we just found a way to celebrate them for that. PopSugar recently reported on a new cake decorating trend that's taking over Instagram, and it's inspired by your teeny desk terrarium.
Instead of piping perfect roses to the top of their cakes, many bakers have recently started to decorate with frosted jade leaves and buttercream cacti. Based on Instagram images, it looks like some are also using cookies crushed into crumbs to achieve the look of sand at the bottom of a terrarium or in the desert.
A garden of icing may be the best way to celebrate keeping our succulents alive for a record-breaking six months or even the birthday of a tree-hugging friend. Until we find someone to make us one, or master the art ourselves (less likely), we'll be browsing the gorgeous photos tagged with #terrariumcake hashtag on Instagram. The pics will make you hungry and will also remind you to water your plants.

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