Burger King Just Confirmed A Froot Loops Milkshake Is Coming

Photo: Courtesy of Burger King.
Burger King just confirmed that it will indeed be releasing a cereal-inspired milkshake and SOON. It will feature smooth vanilla soft serve and crunchy pieces of real Froot Loops cereal. A sweet sauce is also hand spun into the mix. Starting April 17, the Froot Loops Shake will be available at participating Burger Kings for a limited time.
The article was originally published on April 2, 2017.
I remember the exact moment I realized I had gotten too old to eat sugary cereal for breakfast. It's permanently burned into my brain because the moment unfortunately involved throwing up while carpooling to school. Yeah, that's not something you forget. The realization that my stomach could no longer handle eating straight sugar first thing in the morning served as a symbolic end to my childhood. After that, I had to resort to only indulging in Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Lucky Charms, and king of them all, Froot Loops as an after school sweet treat or an after dinner dessert. Years later, I still find cereal to be a reliable go-to dessert, and it looks like one fast food chain may have caught on to this, too. Burger King might actually be taking cereal for dessert a step further by combining it with a classic ice cream treat. The internet is currently buzzing with rumors about a Froot Loop Milkshake from BK.
Last week GrubGrade posted about the rumored menu item, and the site reported that it had received unconfirmed information that the new cereal milkshake mashup would be released on Monday, April 17th. As FoodBeast pointed out, a search for the hashtag #fruitloopsshake on Instagram does yield one result featuring a blue-ish milkshake in a Burger King plastic cup. According to the poster, the shake was made at a BK location in Geneseo, NY about 64 weeks ago. Not only was that a really long time ago, the drink also doesn't look anything like the pink one posted by GrubGrad. It's pretty clear that as this point we don't have any concrete idea what this shake will look like or if it's even actually happening.

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We have reached out to Burger King for comment, but the fast food chain still hasn't released any official word on the dessert. However, FoodBeast also reminded us that releasing a new menu item without any previous announcement isn't totally out of the ordinary for BK. This is exactly what the chain did with its now-popular chicken fries. It also seems like the perfect time for a cereal-inspired item to drop since cereal milk is having a major moment.
I'm pretty hopeful that this Froot Loop Milkshake will soon grace Burger King menus everywhere. It might just be the dessert mashup my adult stomach has been begging for since that fateful carpool ride.
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