An Important Distillery Dedicated Whiskey To Hillary Clinton

Courtesy of Republic Restoratives.
Hillary Clinton seems to have moved on from the whole 2016 election debacle, but plenty of people are still out there reeling from her loss. And because Suri Cruise isn't the only one "hurt" that Hillary Clinton isn't the one sitting in the Oval Office (same, girl, same), some are paying homage to the former presidential candidate in unique ways. Republic Restoratives, a distillery in our nation's capital, has named one of its whiskeys Rodham Rye in honor of Clinton and all she stands for.
Amber Tamblyn, an outspoken supporter of Clinton, introduced us all to the loving libation. She also offered up this fun fact: Republic Restorative is the only distillery in the U.S. that's owned by a queer woman.
"Just got this as a gift from my beautiful friends Heidi Whit. The only queer women owned distillery in the country. Rodham Rye, named after Mrs. Clinton," Tamblyn captioned her photo.
Rodham Rye launched on March 25, right in time to celebrate Women's History Month. It's only the third launch from Republic Restoratives, but it's already making a huge splash. Not only is Tamblyn a fan, many of the distillery's Instagram followers are completely smitten. Cofounders Pia and Rachel debuted the whiskey during Washington, DC's Cocktail Queen competition and fans from all over the country are already itching to get their hands on a bottle. For now, you'll have to head over to Republic Restoratives' tasting room to snag some, since it's already sold out online.
The #nastywomen behind Rodham Rye describe it as "a tribute to the women who make us what we are today who fought for the vote and to end prohibition, our sisters and mothers, and women everywhere who speak out, take risks, and raise up the leaders of tomorrow."
And in the spirit of togetherness, it's a blend of two rye whiskeys, making a combination that's "stronger together than they are apart." If that wasn't enough to get you excited, Republic Restoratives is donating a portion of the proceeds from Rodham Rye to Emily's List, which is working to get more women into elected office. We'll certainly drink to that.

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