Tyra Banks Declares Smizing For All With This ANTM Announcement

Photo: Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock/REX.
It looks like the competition for America's Next Top Model is going to be tougher than ever. After Tyra Banks announced her return to the show (and the subsequent ousting of Rita Ora), TyTy made a huge announcement about the show's upcoming 24th cycle. In an Instagram post, the queen of smizing and booty-tooching said that she's doing away with the age limit on the modeling competition and is welcoming competitors of all ages to apply for the show.
"You know I've stood for diverse beauty and erasing cookie-cutters when it comes to what is deemed beautiful. There have been 23 cycles of America's Next Top Model and every single cycle, we say, you have to be 27 years old or younger," Banks explained in the video. "Know what I hear all the time? 'Tyra, come on! Why have an age limit?' So you know what? I'm taking that age limit off. You want to audition for America's Next Top Model? I don’t care how old you are, honey, you just need to know how to smize and be open to learning how to work the runway like a supermodel."
If Banks' return to the show wasn't enough to get fans excited, this news surely is. After a few attempts to shake up the modeling world in the past — previous cycles have included short models as well as college-aged contestants, British imports, and even male models — this is a major move for the franchise. Fashion has been embracing older models lately, with icons like Lauren Hutton returning to the catwalk and snagging an advertising campaign for Bottega Veneta and athleisure staple Athleta enlisting a 98-year-old yogi for its latest ads.
The more inclusive casting call is just the latest news about ANTM's upcoming season. There's no word yet on who will sit at the judges' table alongside Banks, but fingers crossed we'll get some epic one-liners from Miss J.

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