Dessert Lovers, Rejoice! Hostess Cupcakes Will Soon Come In Cookie Form

For those of us who are serious about our desserts, choosing what sweet treat to eat can feel like we’re trying to pick a favorite child. Okay, it’s not quite that dramatic. Still, the decision between cookie, cupcake, and brownie can be a bit challenging because every single one is just so good. Well, leave it to fellow dessert devotees to figure out how to get around ever having to decide again. The folks over at Hostess just released a cookie version of one of the company’s most iconic desserts.
We first came across this good news while scrolling through Junk Food Aisle’s Instagram feed. Yesterday, the junk food sleuths posted a photo of what at first glimpse looked like just a regular box of Hostess Cupcakes. Upon more careful inspection, we realized these were actually Hostess Bake Shop Cupcake Cookies. That’s right, over the next few weeks, Hostess will be rolling out not just these cookies, but a whole line of brand-new Bake Shop sweets.
In addition to Hostess Cupcake Cookies, we’ll soon be able to buy vamped up versions of Twinkies and Ding Dongs. Very shortly after Junk Food Aisle posted the first pic, the account followed up with two more. One featured a box of Hostess Bake Shop Twinkies, which are dipped in chocolate and decorated with rainbow sprinkles and a lovely drizzle of white chocolate. The final treats are the Hostess Bake Shop Triple Fudge Ding Dongs.
We'll soon start seeing these variations of classic Hostess snacks at Costco, King Kullen, Vons, Safeway, and Albertsons. That means no more heartbreaking dessert decisions.

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