Before He Was Ziggy On Big Little Lies, Iain Armitage Posted Adorable Theater Reviews On YouTube

Sometimes the internet gives you a treat you never knew you needed, and believe me when I say you need to so the kid from Big Little Lies reviewing theater productions vlog-style. Iain Armitage plays Ziggy on the HBO hit, a relatively silent and mysterious young boy who has a good heart, but IRL, he can't keep his mouth shut and we love every second of it.
The videos were discovered by Kelly Conaboy at The Hairpin, and honestly, thank god. Let's start with the best one: Cats. Iain had been waiting to see this musical since he was three years old (although, let's just remember, he's eight). And wow, was it worth the wait!
"I don't know why they took it off Broadway for so long," he says in the video. "But I'm darn happy it's back. Well, if we're talking about animals, I'm doggone happy it's back!"
Keep searching, and you'll find even more gems, like the fact that not only did Iain see Hamilton, he saw it before it was cool, when it was still an off-Broadway show at the Public Theater in New York.
"It is one of the most tremendous, amazing, fantastic, better than fantastic shows ever," he cries. If only we had listened to him back then, we would have hopped aboard the Hamilton train early and actually managed to get tickets.
Iain has been on YouTube for four years, but he's been reviewing theater productions since 2011 when he saw his first musical, Hairspray.
While Iain actually gained a bit of internet fame reviewing theater before BLL, that's not the only thing you'll find on his channel. His parents also like to upload videos of the young actor singing songs from the musicals he loves so much, as well as other performances. Here's Iain looking a lot more like Ziggy reciting a passage from Shakespeare's King Lear.
And just because he's busy with Big Little Lies doesn't mean he's stopped doing what he loves. His latest review was just three weeks ago, when he talked about how much he loved Mrs. Miller Does Her Thing at the Signature Theater.
While Big Little Lies may be ending this weekend, at least it looks like Iain will be making these videos for as long as he loves theater — AKA, forever.

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