This Is The Easiest Way To Buy Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookie season can be complicated for young adults. At this point in our lives, we’re much too old to be Girl Scouts ourselves or have friends in a troop, but many of us aren't yet to the stage of life when we, or our friends, have Girl Scout kids. So, every year, we’re left in a pinch and end up scrambling around trying to find a Girl Scout to supply us with the goods. Sure, we could look up a selling location and walk to pick some up ourselves, but then we’re just left wondering what ever happened to the days when we got the best cookies around delivered right to our door? It turns out, there’s still a very convenient way to get them, even if you don’t have any Girl Scout buddies. You can order Girl Scout Cookies on Amazon.
PopSugar recently opened our eyes to fact that all those special cookies are available on Amazon AND Amazon Prime. That, of course, means that Prime members can get their cookie fix with two-day shipping. And, praise the Amazon gods, we can order them in bulk. Phew, that’s going to make hoarding Girl Scout Cookies all year long so much easier.
Now, if you’re not willing to go out and hunt for your Girl Scout Cookies, you are, of course, going to have to pay a little extra to get them sent straight to your home. A box of the cookies would usually cost around $4 or $5, but from Amazon, a single box of Thin Mints costs $8.77, and Samoas are even more at $10 a box. That certainly is a lot for just one box of cookies, but we have to remember, these aren't just cookies, these are Girl Scout Cookies. And, this could be the one surefire answer to the question of how to get Girl Scout Cookies when you don't know a Girl Scout.
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