Spaghetti Donuts May Be The Kookiest Food Mashup We've Seen

We’re living in a golden age of wacky food trends. We’ve seen classic foods in wild colors and shapes, and we’ve tried our favorite staples smashed together into a single quirky dish. In New York City specifically, there’s a new rainbow drink or Cheetos mashup around every corner, which means most city dwellers no longer bat an eye when they spot a kooky treat. However, there’s still one place New Yorkers expect to be wowed, and that’s Smorgasburg. The weekend food fair opens back up this Saturday, and visitors will be able to try a food mashup that’s unlike anything we ever expected to see. It’s called a Spaghetti Donut, and yes, it is exactly what it sounds like.

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These noodle-y doughnuts are made by a shop called Pop Pasta, and according to its website, the doughnuts are an on-the-go version of a classic Neapolitan dish. The mashup combines spaghetti pie, or frittata di spaghetti, and of course, the American doughnut. When these two foods are married, you get the Spaghetti Donut, cheesy, saucy, and baked to perfection. Pop Pasta makes the five versions of the Spaghetti Donut, so there's an option for anyone who likes easy-to-eat Italian.
Apparently the new hybrid isn't just a convenient way to eat a plate of pasta, according to Gothamist, it's also quite delicious, which isn't all the surprising. Isn't spaghetti always good? Still, we're impressed because sometimes these wild and wacky food trends are just a good way to get a few Instagram likes but don't always offer much when it comes to taste.
New Yorkers will be able to try Pop Pasta's Spaghetti Donuts, along with the new Purple Raindrop Cake and much more this weekend at Smorgasburg. Pop Pasta also caters, so we'll probably have to impress our friends with a Spaghetti Donut party at some point in the near future. It's kind of a dream come true to be able to eat a doughnut for dinner instead of having to wait for dessert. We're also pretty into the idea of an all-doughnut meal starting with an entree and ending with dessert — the possibilities are endless.

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