Why Randall & Beth From This Is Us Are Couple Goals

Photo: Courtesy of NBC.
The first season of This Is Us is over, but we're not ready to say goodbye. A huge reason why audiences adore the show so much is because of the unique and lovable characters. While everyone may have their favorites, it's undeniable that Randall and Beth are pretty universally treasured. Randall, the adopted son of Jack and Rebecca, would be nothing without Beth, and together, they're an unstoppable team.
Early on in the season Refinery29 declared Beth the "unsung hero" of the series. She keeps it together when Randall loses it, and takes control when situations are in dire need of her help. She was instrumental in helping Randall deal with his biological father, William, as well as keeping William happy in his declining health.
Beth and Randall also portray a black family in a time when characters of color are too often left out of the story, especially black women like Beth. She's a perfect example of how black women are expected to take on the emotional and physical labor of everyone else.
Plus, they're just downright cute. They share such goal-worthy moments on screen, from their quiet moments alone ("What has two thumbs and loves his wife so much it hurts?") to their not quiet moments ("Sex first, right away. Loud, adult, no-kids-in-the-next-room sex.") to the way they co-parents like professionals, taking turns to watch both of their kids in different soccer games and just generally putting them first ("We make good kids." "That we do.").
Ever since the finale, we've been left with a gaping hole on our Tuesday nights. It's officially coming back for a season two in September, and apparently Beth and Randall are in for some drama. He wants another kid, while she's not so sure.
“She was looking forward to a time in their life where she could start doing other thing,” Kelechi Watson revealed. "She really wants to figure some things out for herself."
That doesn't mean in the meantime we can't reminisce on the season one couple, and appreciate all that happened between them before season two throws us for another loop. Watch some of their best moments below!

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