This Guy Completely Blew It When A Tinder Match Asked Him To Impress Her

Let’s get real about online dating for a second. As hard as it is to craft the perfect profile, thinking of a clever opening message is even more difficult. A simple “hey” isn’t going to cut it. You need something witty, that proves you read this person’s profile or at least have something interesting to say.
It’s a lot of pressure, and some of us just can’t handle it. Take, for example, this guy, who choked when a Tinder match asked him to impress her in just three messages.
A Reddit user who goes by Zanester98 posted a screenshot of his conversation with a Tinder match to the platform yesterday. The girl, Caren, started off their conversation with a simple “hey there.”
But soon after Zanester98 replied with his own “hey,” she changed the game. “So tell me about yourself,” she wrote. “You have three messages to seriously catch my interest. :)”
Once the challenge was thrown down, she explained her request. “(this is how I weed out all the boring melons on tinder lol)”
Zanester98, however, immediately blew it.
Strike #1: “Fuck! Oh man the pressure!”
If, like us, this sounds like a planned out response then you might be right. There’s no proof, but it seems to us that Zanester98 was trying to be clever here by refusing to play her game and pretending to mess it up (really, who makes the same mistake three times?)
But if it was a strategy, it didn’t work. Zanester98 couldn’t meet her standards, and she unmatched him immediately.
Some commenters on his Reddit post about the interaction say it’s unfair. “That was pretty damn funny,” one person wrote. “She cannot possibly be worth her bullshit.”
“‘Impress me,’” wrote another. “Bitch, this isn’t a job interview.”
Yet, others are on Caren’s side.
“Most of these girls get matched by every single guy they swipe right on,” another commenter wrote. “My GF who i already knew but reconnected with through tinder reinstalled it a few days ago after we were discussing it. And she just rapidly scrolled down through dozens of "hey"s from back when she used it. I don't blame this girl in the OP when tinder is absolutely built for her to behave this way.”
And, to be honest, we’re here for Caren, too. If a potential match can’t come up with something interesting to say (or 3 interesting things), are they really worth the time and effort?
According to this girl, the answer is “no.”

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