What Does This Westworld Casting News Mean For The Next Season?

Photo: John P. Johnson/HBO.
As if Westworld wasn't being cruel enough by making us wait until 2018 for the next season, they're announcing news that makes the delay even more torturous. According to Deadline, actor Louis Herthum, who plays Dolores' (Evan Rachel Wood) father, Peter Abernathy, on the show, is joining season two as a series regular.
This is a big deal because although Abernathy only appeared in a few episodes, he was a crucial puzzle piece in figuring out exactly what was happening at the park. The last we heard of him, he was out of commission and replaced because he was "malfunctioning" — AKA, starting to become self aware. But now, he's coming back in a big way, so what does that mean for his character and the story of the park?
He will return to the same role as Dolores's father, meaning we probably won't see him in the upcoming Samurai World we still know nothing about. His fascinating backstory combined with a bigger role suggests he'll play a pretty huge part in the slow but addicting unraveling of the park's mystery. This hopefully also means we'll get more father-daughter scenes between actors Herthum and Wood.
This isn't the only casting news to come out of Westworld. Deadline also reports that Talulah Riley, who played the welcoming (and also dangerous) host named Angela, has also been promoted to a regular.
"Angela will prove to be one of the last faces many guests will ever see," HBO revealed to The Wrap.
As far as Herthum's character goes, however, HBO is keeping their lips sealed. In the coming months (or if we're really unlucky, year) more info is sure to drop about the characters and plot of this breakout show. It's good to know that even when it's not on air, Westworld is somehow still able to hurt our brains.

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