The Internet Came Up With The BEST Way To Drink Chocolate Milk & We're So Thankful

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The same thing happens every single time I bring chocolate milk into my home. I pour one glass, and it's all over. Chocolate milk is just way too thick and delicious not to down most of the bottle in one sitting. It’s inevitable that I’m going to end up drinking it all, so I honestly don't know why I bother with a glass. Apparently I’m not the only one who has struggled with this because tons of people on social media have shown the world how they cut out the middleman and get down to chugging their chocolate milk. BuzzFeed News recently opened my eyes to the fact that geniuses everywhere are drinking chocolate milk in the most hilariously efficient way, and they’ve been doing it so for some time.
A Reddit post from about a year ago showed that the easy sip lids usually found on sports drinks like Gat0rade also fit perfectly onto gallons of water. But seriously, who cares about water? Commenters quickly realized this was a life changing hack for chocolate milk lovers. Finally, there's a super simple way to guzzle down the sweet drink.
Interestingly, Redditers aren’t the only ones who have been recycling their sports drink lids in this delicious manner. As far back as 2015, chocolate milk drinkers showed off the method on Twitter, and I have to say I'm pretty upset I'm only just now finding out about it. Seriously, how isn't this trick more well known?
Though it's definitely a bummer that I haven't been using this chocolate milk drinking hack all along, at least I can take it up now. I'm adding a gallon of chocolate milk and a sports drink to my grocery list ASAP.

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