Scarlett Johansson Is Crushing On These Two Celebrity Chefs & We Can Totally Relate

Photo: Stephen Lovekin/WWD/REX/Shutterstock.
Since Scarlett Johansson owns an artisanal popcorn shop in Paris, we’re pretty sure she qualifies as somewhat of a foodie. She also recently revealed some pretty private information about herself that further supports her food lover status. Today, the actress appeared on The Howard Stern Show to discuss her new movie Ghost In The Shell. Obviously, since she was talking with Howard Stern, other more personal topics came up.
While chatting about his fascinations with Ghost In The Shell’s premise of placing a human brain inside a perfect robot body, Stern seamlessly and strategically transition to the subject of hot men. He said, “I want a robot body that looks like…who is a hot guy? Who do you think is the hottest guy right now in the world?” ScarJo, perhaps a bit taken of guard by the sudden switch in topics stuttered, “I don’t know. I can’t think of any right now.” As a professional interviewer, Howard Stern did his best to coax an answer out of her by listing options like Brad Pitt, Fabio, James Vanderbeek (SO random). After a bit more hesitation, Johansson finally gave the pestering Stern some answers, and they were good. She said, “Honestly I’m like somebody who likes Gordon Ramsay. Or Anthony Bourdain. There's a running theme.”
ScarJo's quest for a partner who can cook is all too relatable. Unfortunately, as fellow super fans of Chef Ramsay, we know that the actress probably won't be getting any dates with him in the near futures, since he's been happily married to his wife Tana for over 20 years — yeah, we know way to much about this guy. Bourdain, on the other hand, announced his divorce last year, so maybe there's potential there. Although, we're not so sure that an adorable gourmet popcorn shop fits with his edgy food persona, but you never know.

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