This Woman Claims She Found TEETH In Her Tacos & The Internet Is Freaking Out

Photographed by Phoebe Chuason.
Sometimes people post things on the internet that we really just don’t want to see. But, on rare occasions, those scary, gross, or disturbing posts end up teaching us something new, which is actually a good thing. That’s exactly what happened when one woman recently shared a photo on Facebook of something she found in her taco.
Last weekend, a Texas-based woman went to eat at a Mexican restaurant called El Rincon in Pflugerville. She ordered a Barbacoa taco, which is a pretty popular menu item in many Mexican and Tex-Mex restaurants. When she bit into her taco, she was met with a disturbing surprise. The customer claims that she found teeth inside the tortilla. If you’re currently gagging, you are certainly not alone. She snapped a picture of the taco’s contents and posted it on social media. Unsurprisingly, many commenters were repulsed by the discovery. According to CBS News, the post was shared over 2,000 times before it was made private.
Accompanying her picture of what does indeed look like teeth, the Facebook user wrote, “When you order Barbacoa tacos but get teeth instead. I asked the server if this was teeth??? She said, ‘baby teeth.’ #AppetiteKILLED” The following day, she added an update to the original post, explaining that the restaurant had contacted her. The update read, “I just received a phone call from the owner of El Rincon he reassured me what was in my Barbacoa was not teeth. He stated tomorrow the vendor will be coming from San Antonio to discuss the issue with documentation. However, either way I won’t be back due to the experience. El Rincon has taken full responsibility for this incident.” The restaurant also posted this official statement to Facebook:
Here’s something kind of interesting though. Among the responses from grossed out Facebook users, there were also quite a few comments pointing out why it's not that crazy to find bits like this in your Barbacoa tacos. In case you didn’t know, Barbacoa is made from different parts of a cow’s head, including the cheeks. Laxon, the company that supplies Barbacoa to El Rincon, told that what the woman found was actually cow lips; "Occasionally some parts of the lips get mixed into the cheek meat, it is easily identified by the soft pointed nodules that is on the inside of the lip." If you're not familiar with the meat, finding something that so closely resembles teeth in your taco would understandably come as quite a shock.
As many commenters pointed out, the young woman probably didn't know what she was ordering. You live, you learn.

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