The One Thing All Avocado Lovers Need This Summer

Obviously you already know that avocados are a staple of summer. A long sunny day spent by the pool wouldn’t be complete without a bowl of guacamole to snack on. And, sliced avo is the perfect addition to a burger right off the grill. Avocado fans see the lovely fruit as a summer fun essential, but we just discovered one more way to take your avo-obsession to the next level when the weather gets warm. recently rolled out their new line of pool floats in anticipations of Summer 2017, and brace yourself, there's an avocado float. Feast your eyes.
The Giant Avocado Pool Float , made by Big Mouth Inc, is kind of like an inner tube, and features a hole right in the center of the fruit's pit. The idea being we can stick out buns in said avocado and soak up the sun.
Honestly, even if none your friends has a pool and you don't live anywhere near a beach, this purchase still might be worth it. We wouldn't judge you if your affinity for avocado made you buy this thing and set it up in your living room as extra seating. Inflatable furniture could make a come back at anytime.
Now, if you're not an avocado lover — don't worry, your secret's safe with us — AlwaysFits has tons of other new floats that are designed after summer foods you may prefer. How about laying out on a giant wedge of watermelon? Or you could cool off on a big blow-up popsicle. You and your squad can even keep your cocktails close by with the Inflatable Pineapple Drink Holder. Whoever said there is no food allowed in the pool is going to have to eat their words right about now.

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