Justin Chambers Is On Board For An Alex & Meredith Romance On Grey's Anatomy

Photo: Eric McCandless/ABC.
For over ten years, Alex and Meredith have been close friends on Grey's Anatomy. They've gotten each other through some pretty tough times, and in 2017, their bond is stronger than ever. Some fans, however, want to see things go a different direction — or at least, a romantic one.
"Merlex," as fans have taken to calling them, would makes sense. It's a logical next step for the two pals to go considering all the memories they've shared, but what does Justin Chambers, who plays one half of the rumored couple opposite Ellen Pompeo, think of all this speculation?
"I think anything is possible," he told Entertainment Tonight over the weekend at PaleyFest in Los Angeles. "I think friends can become lovers like that, that’s possible too."
However, he's not gunning for it to happen any time soon.
"I’m very comfortable with them being platonic — like brother and sister, and friends," he continued. "I think that suits them better."
He argues that their friendship has lasted so long it would be difficult to transition to something new.
"Alex and [Meredith] have come up together and I don’t know, [it’d be] a little weird," he said. "But anything is possible.”
However, his reservations don't mean he's dead set on their friendship. After all, he has some experience with this exact phenomenon IRL.
"Nobody knows how things go, you know?" he added. "I was friends with my wife before we started dating."
And then there's his character's ex, Jo Wilson (played by Camilla Luddington), to think about.
"I’m excited to see what happens with him and 'Jolex," Chambers said, referring to their ship name. "I think they really love each other. I know they have a lot of obstacles to go through but it will be interesting to see what conflicts, fires they can put out."
We'll have to keep watching to find out which love — ex or friendship — is stronger.

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