Domino's Had The Most Hilarious Response To This Guy's Really Weird Delivery Request

Apparently the folks over at the Domino’s in Fredonia, NY really know how to deliver. And, we’re not just talking about delivering pizza, though they have that down, too. Based on a recent Tweet that went viral, the employees at this particular location of the chain have no problem having fun with their customers.
This past weekend, a guy named Ford Reynolds and a few of his friends ordered some pizza from the Domino’s website. Under the Delivery Instructions field, Reynolds and his pals wrote a weird request, “send ur baddest bitch plzzzzz.” If you’ve ever written something strange in that part of your online order, chances are you’re just hoping to give the employees a little laugh, but mostly just expect them to ignore it. That is absolutely not what happened in this particular situation.
When the pizza arrived, the friends opened the door to find their delivery driver squatting on the porch holding a $20 bill. The delivery instructions had been printed out and stuck on the box, and underneath the request, someone had written, “We did.” Truth.
Naturally, Reynolds thought the whole thing was hilarious, so he decided to share it on Twitter. He tweeted photos of the delivery instructions, the box with Domino’s response, and the delivery guy swatting outside his door. Twitter, of course, went nuts for the hilarious saga. The tweet has been liked almost 340,000 times, and it's been retweeted over 128,000 times.
Since this tweet basically blew up the Twitter-sphere, we were hungry for a few more details about what exactly went down. Buzzfeed reached out to Ford Reynolds, and he explained the whole thing. He told BuzzFeed, “It’s totally real, the guy who delivers is one of our friends and we know most of the people that work at that Domino’s. We just thought it would be funny if Jimmy posed — which he did so without even being asked.” So there you have it. Ford and his friends knew most of the people involved before this happened, but it wasn’t faked for the benefit of his Twitter popularity. That was just an added bonus.
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