This Is The Opposite Of A Mesmerizing Food Video — It Will Definitely Make You Cringe

A few weeks ago, we came across a photo of bread that disturbed us to our cores and made us irrationally angry. And, we weren’t the only ones affected. All of Twitter seemed to lose their minds over the way this one guy had opened his loaf of bread. If you too couldn’t handle the sight of this mangled bag of bread, get ready to freak out once again. Yesterday, Viral Thread posted a video to Facebook, and it shows more than one cringe-inducing food clips. It’s kind of like the exact opposite of those mesmerizing cooking tutorials the internet is totally obsessed with, and yet, we still can’t seem to look away.
The video opens with someone cutting a cake, but the slices are totally wonky and make the otherwise tasty-looking cake appear completely repulsive. How dare this person make us not want cake! Don't these people know science has proven how to cut a cake? There’s also a snippet featuring a bag of Skittles and a bag of M&Ms being poured into the same bowl. Who would do such an unspeakable thing? Other offensive pieces of the video show a boiled egg being mutilated by an unskilled peeler, and someone rubbing a sliced onion all over their hands.
Though most of these clips leave us feeling extremely uncomfortable, some of them are actually kind of relatable. To the person who completely swashed the tomato they were trying to cut, we feel you. It happens. And, how many of us have struggled to open a packet of cake mix, only to spill it all over our kitchen counter? Still, just because these are common perils of cooking that doesn’t mean we necessarily want to see them on our newsfeed. In fact, quite the opposite. We want to see experts at work. It’s just more fun.
While not all of the annoying snippets in the video are food-related, the food ones seem to make us exponentially more upset. Probably because we just take our food that seriously. Check it out:

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