This Woman Cleverly Proposed With A Bouquet Of Doritos & It Obviously Went Well

Proposing has got to be one of the most nerve-racking experiences in life because there’s just so much on the line. But, one way to make yourself feel a little less nervous about popping the question is by adding an element to the proposal that will virtually guarantee that your S.O. will say “yes.” Most people use a diamond ring, but others sweeten the deal even more with a puppy, a trip to Paris, or some sort of tasty dessert. Recently, one woman got very creative and proposed to her partner with a big bouquet of Doritos, and really who could say no to that?
Of course, we’re sure her now-fiancé would have eagerly said yes no matter how she proposed, but we bet the Doritos were a nice bonus. On Thursday evening, the Vancouver Canucks posted a video to Twitter that showed how this Doritos proposal went down.
The clip opens with a Canucks fan named Brandon preparing to play a halftime game called the Canucks Puck Shuffle. The big screen shows three pucks being shuffled around, and Brandon must chose which of them has the mystery prize underneath it. Luckily, he choses correctly, and the puck reveals the question, “will you marry me?” Right after the big reveal, Brandon’s girlfriend comes out and gets down on one knee. Of course, the crowd goes WILD. In her arms is a giant bouquet of Dorito roses, made out of ketchup-flavored Doritos. She asks, “Brandon, will you marry me?" and obviously, he says yes. The happy couple kisses, and she hands over the Doritos. Honestly, the only way we could ever imagine this proposal being topped is by using a bouquet of Dorito roses made with the Cool Ranch flavor. Talk about romantic.

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