The Police Drove A Drunk Guy Home & His Friends Couldn't Handle It

A group of friends in Wales got a big surprise in their text messages when one friend got a little too drunk on Monday: a personal chat with the police.
A college student named Cameron and his friends went out that night, but Cameron was too drunk and was denied entrance to the club. The police came by to drive him home, but Cameron was so drunk that he couldn't even remember where he lived.
So the friendly-neighborhood police confiscated his phone and joined in on an existing group chat between him and his friends.
Lawrence Court, a 20-year-old college student in on the chat, posted screenshots of the conversation to Twitter.
"So last night the police interrupted our group chat in the most spectacular way," he wrote.
When the police hopped in the chat to ask for Cameron's, aka "Ron," address, most of his friends called BS. They provided the address first, of course, but then questioned whether their drunk friend was maybe making a joke.
So the police officers sent a selfie.
"Fuck me dead it's legit," one particularly eloquent friend wrote immediately following the photo.
“We were in hysterics,” Court told BuzzFeed. “It was just the most unexpected thing because we didn’t realize he was that bad!”
And we get it, it was a funny situation and lighthearted because the police were already there taking care of their friend. But the fact that Cameron couldn't remember his own address means he was likely already well on his way to alcohol poisoning. So, friendly reminder, please never leave a drunk friend alone.

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