This String Cheese Brand Has Some Seriously WEIRD Flavors That Make Us Feel Nostalgic

There were so many things to love about the 1990s, but our favorite by far was all the brightly-colored, artificially flavored, downright delicious snacks. Almost two decades after the end of the golden age of junk food, some of us have moved away from Gushers, Dunkaroos, and 3D Doritos by choice or simply because they no longer exist. But, according to Delish, one company has just introduced two new string cheese flavors that are tempting us to dip our toes back in to the wild snack food pool.
Cow Candy, a string cheese company founded well after the 90s were over, recently released two flavors that give a nod to nostalgia with the help of some iconic cartoon characters. Cow Candy’s Pinkie Pie Strawberry features the pink My Little Pony, and even the cheese itself is pink. Now, when we heard that this cheese was strawberry-flavored and bright pink, our adult sensibilities kicked in and we thought maybe this snack isn’t the best thing for us. But, then we remembered that back in the 90s, we weren’t just will but eager to try anything that came in a crazy color.
The second of the new flavors is Prime Punch, which is fruit punch-flavored cheese, and it’s packaging features the Transformer Optimus Prime. Red Fruit Punch cheese seems like even more of a stretch for our grown up stomachs, but the snack may still be worth trying or at least admiring when you see it in the refrigerator section of the store.
According to the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board's website, the cheese sticks are meant to come in colors and flavors that remind kids of their favorite candies. So, in reality, these cheeses aren't really for reminiscing and more for getting kids to actually eat what's in their lunch boxes, but we are going to pretend they are to give us the perfect excuse to try them. Would you try pink cheese? Tell us in the comments!

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