The Cast Of Westworld Was Just As Taken Aback By The Nudity As You Were

Photo: John P. Johnson/HBO.
As someone who loves HBO programming, I've seen my fair share of butts. However, I was not prepared for the amount of nudity that came our way during their recent hit, Westworld. And, apparently, neither was its cast.
During an interview with Business Insider, Leonardo Nam, who plays Felix Lutz on the existentialist robot drama, said that he was taken aback but just how much nudity surrounded him during filming. Not only did he have to interact one-on-one with a nude Thandie Newton, who played Maeve, but he also had to work in a glass environment filled with naked bodies.
"I remember thinking the scene was just going to be in a medical-like room, no windows or anything like that," Nam said on reading his scenes. "Just the other actor, myself, and Thandie. And then I go on to set and everything was glass."
While the show has been off air for a bit, it's hard to forget the company that works behind-the -scenes of the theme park. Delos is a clean glass maze of an office that's constantly buzzing with work. During any given scene with the technicians, four other rooms are visible with equally naked robots being operated on.
"And I thought, 'Wow. You can see it all,'" Nam continued. "You can see into the other rooms, and then I saw the other extras and other bodies that were there."
He had to get it together, though, because nudity was a pretty big part of all of his scenes.
"I started to think, 'Oh, okay! There's like a hundred, two-hundred extras and they're all naked," he said. "And once you start to understand what it is that the show is doing, you really do put on the hat of a professional on the set. And you just go with that."
Truth be told, we also got pretty desensitized after a while. Plus, when you get down to it, this is their job. "Thandie is an absolute professional," Nam said of his co-star. "Along with that, she is a wonderful and lovely person. That combination really was what made everyone comfortable on set."
He also feels that nobody is being objectified because the concept of nudity is totally different in this world.
"What I really enjoyed about this project is that, yes, it does show nudity, but we kind of showed nudity in a new way," Nam added. "And it really makes us rethink and re-see things such as gender and pleasure along with nudity. It was a new experience."
The show isn't slated to return until late 2017 or early 2018, but season one gave us enough questions to keep us hooked until then.

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