This Woman Kissed A Stranger On A Kiss Cam For The Best Reason

Being refused a kiss isn't a pleasant experience, but when one woman's date (or at least, we assume it was her date) refused to kiss her on an NBA kiss cam, she made the most of the situation and kissed the man sitting next to her instead.
The awkward moment was later uploaded to the Atlanta Hawk's (the team that was playing) YouTube page. Skip to 1:18 for the good part.
When her partner refuses to kiss her and instead pays attention to his beer, she simply turns to the man on her other side and politely asks him to kiss her. It's just a small peck, but is enough to send her partner off in an angry huff.
We're all for her attitude: If your partner won't give you what you want or need, get it somewhere else. It's not the best strategy in every situation, but in this case her partner was definitely a bad sport for no reason.
The real gold here, some commenters pointed out, is the reactions of people around the couple, especially the woman on the bottom right.
Some commenters, though, are convinced the whole thing was a prank or an out-of-the-box publicity stunt for Sprite the drink of choice for the lucky man who got to kiss the girl. At least one person who was there claims the kiss refusal was the real deal, according to People. But real or not, it's a reminder that refusing a kiss on camera doesn't always end well.

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