This Couple Just Made Oreo Tacos & You're Definitely Going To Want To Recreate Them

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Choco Tacos, Klondike’s taco-shape ice cream treat, were a very important part of my childhood. Now that the glory days of the 90s are over however, Choco Tacos are a lot harder to find, so I’ve been forced to live without the chocolately take on the taco for many years. That’s why I was stoked to find that a YouTube-famous couple invented a different way to combine the sweet flavor of chocolate with the convenient shape of a taco.
Julia and J.P. of Hellthy JunkFood recently went head to head to see who could make the best version of what they called "Oreo Tacos." The admirable quest led J.P. to creating a “taco shell” with crushed Oreo cookies, vanilla, butter, eggs, sugar, and flour. He then created a shell mold out of aluminum foil, but it unfortunately didn’t work out as he had planned, and he was left with a mess at the bottom of the oven.
It was Julia’s turn to try out her recipe, and although she didn’t even use Oreos as an ingredient, the end result looked truly tasty. She mixed together flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, baking powder, butter, milk, and an egg. To make the batter look more like an Oreo, she added some black food coloring. Then, she heated up a griddle and made some chocolate pancakes. After the pancakes were cooked, Julia attempted to mold them into a taco shell shape, and although it took several tries, she was finally successful.
Instead of ground beef and cheese, the DIY duo put Oreo ice cream, a homemade cream filling, whipped cream, and sprinkles inside the dessert taco, and the final treat looks incredible. I don’t think I’ve never been more excited to try out a YouTube recipe. Finally, I can take my chocolate taco cravings into my own hands. Watch the whole video here, so you too can make your own.

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