The One Part Of That Justin Bieber Video We Can't Stop Laughing At

Photo: Jim Smeal/REX/Shutterstock.
By now, we’ve all seen that viral video of Justin Bieber telling a tween fan that she makes him sick. In fact, most of us have probably watched it more than a dozen times because, as much as we feel guilty admitting it, the clip is pretty hilarious. (But, probably not for the reason you're thinking.) We hit replay so many times not because of Bieber’s brash words to the fan or the even fan's reaction to being called out. We were more drawn in by what the 23-year-old pop star was snacking on. Justin dissed the photo-hungry Belieber all while munching on a something that looks a lot like a cake pop, and we can’t stop laughing about it. Because no matter whose side you're on, there is just something ridiculously amazing about the fact that said encounter involves a piece of cake on a stick.
As Starbucks connoisseurs, we think Bieber’s pop choice could possibly come from the coffee chain. It seems that while in Melbourne, Australia, he opted for a change from his much beloved Canadian Tim Horton’s. (Although, it's also possible that the treat could also be some sort of ice cream or lollipop situation.) We're guessing he stuck with his normal drink order of milk because a cake pop washed down with a frosty glass of milk sounds like it would really hit the spot. Plus, it stays on theme with Justin Beiber's typical dietary leanings.
Though we're all about cake pops, we have to admit the treat made it bit harder for us to take Bieber seriously. And regardless of whether we side with the fan or think she was invading the singer's privacy, we definitely understand not wanting take a break from snacking even for the most critical of tasks.

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